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It was such a crazy few days last week that Wednesday came and went and I completely forgot to schedule the post for the week. It’s a new week, and I’m trying to stay on top of the working part of my life 🙂

Today’s post is all about my favorite place in the world. Now, I have quite a few places that I absolutely adore and would revisit in a heartbeat, but there is one city that will always hold my #1 spot. When we were in London this time [my third time in the city] , all I could say to explain how I felt about London was that it felt like home. Since we have been there before, we took our time to walk everywhere and enjoy summer in London. I have a few tips if you are headed to London Town! 

  1. Explore the quieter parts of the city. Yes, the tourist spots are something to see, but make sure to set some time aside to venture to non-tourist traps.
  2. Take advantage of the many parks London has to offer [especially if you have a little one]. For as populated as the city is, it is known for its expansive green space. 
  3. Dress in layers. London weather can be a little bi-polar. It’ll be super sunny one moment, then rain for 10 minutes and then be foggy and chilly. 
  4. Do the Eye of London at sunset. Trust me, the skyline with the sun setting is GORGEOUS! 
  5. London is a melting pot of cultures. That means that you can try any kind of food imaginable. Do some research and be sure to taste test the different kinds of foods. 

My other advice is just to go visit London. Just do it. You won’t be sorry! I could talk about London all day err’day, so if you have any questions about it please don’t be shy 🙂 


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