2018 goals

Now that it’s midway through January, I thought I’d post some of my goals/dreams for 2018. I’ll pretend that it’s taken me this long because I was taking time to mull over what would be best to focus on this year, but honestly, life was happening and I finally am able to sit down to compile my list. I guess I won’t put “regular blogging” on my list 😉

  1. Read more books. I think this has been on my goals lists for a few years now. I did pretty well last year, but I’d like to improve even more. I’d love any suggestions you may have 🙂
  2. Be more present. It’s difficult in a society obsessed with phones and apps to be present in the moment. I’d like to be sure that I’m putting technology away for good stretches of the day. My toddler is much more aware these days, and watches my every move. I hope to teach her that she doesn’t need a screen attached to her at all times.
  3. Be more organized with my business. I did really well with this for about 6 months in 2017. The second half of the year went down the drain. My goal for 2018 is to set aside time to work on my business every day. It doesn’t have to be hours upon hours, but time where I’m focused on KKP.
  4. Spend more time outside. This is pretty self-explanatory 😉
  5. Get back to budgeting well. Our family has always had a budget. My husband and I did really well for the first couple of years of our marriage, but the last few years we have gotten a little lackadaisical. It’s nothing too serious, but we need to keep better records and have a set plan financially.

All right, so here are some of my goals for the year. I’d love to hear some of yours for 2018!



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