It’s been a little while since I’ve written down some places on our bucket list. It’s a bit different now that we have two little ones, but I thought I’d share some of our dreams for future trips. Bahamas. Matt and I visited the Bahamas in 2016 for our first “babymoon.” We fell in love […]

It’s been a dream come true that I’ve been able to fuse my passions of photography and travel, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have photographed some awesome couples all over the world. I thought it’s about time there was a post on here about destination weddings. Here are some questions to ask yourself if […]

You are seeing this correctly, two travel posts in a row! I wanted to be sure I’m writing and responding to requested posts before the “busy season” with photography happens. One of the questions or comments we get a lot is that traveling is too expensive. While that is true and trust me—we totally live […]

I’m always wanting to be sure I’m serving you readers the best way I can. I want to make the content here is interesting and helpful, so I try and ask what you all want to read or have questions about. I’ve been asked about jet lag in the past, so I thought I would […]

Alright well I’m finally writing the last post from our Euro trip this summer. Our last stop was Paris. I will admit, Paris was the city I was most nervous for. I’ve never been before, I don’t speak the language, and I was nervous about having my baby in a city I was unfamiliar with. […]