Bridesmaid Survival Kit

March 11, 2020

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post with tips to be the best bridesmaid ever. Today I figured I’d elaborate on what’s been in my bridesmaid survival kit. 

To clarify, I think this kit could be used by anyone who will be in the bride’s inner circle on the wedding day: Mother of the bride, jr. bridesmaid, or heck, if you’re a little OCD like me, gather the items yourself and make sure someone keeps a hold of the bag for you 😉 

Most of the items are pretty self- explanatory, like bobby pins, Tylenol and hairspray, but I thought it might be helpful to remind you of a few not-so-common things, like Q-tips, super glue and extra earring backs.

I also included a little extra something and made a free printable for you. It’s a checklist of all items I’ve found helpful, but there is plenty of space on the paper to add items you want to bring. 

****You can sign up HERE to get the checklist!!****

Be sure to share this post with someone who might find it useful  🙂 It’s always nice to relieve as much unnecessary stress as possible on the wedding day!  

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