A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post with tips to be the best bridesmaid ever. Today I figured I’d elaborate on what’s been in my bridesmaid survival kit.  To clarify, I think this kit could be used by anyone who will be in the bride’s inner circle on the wedding day: Mother of the […]

You saved your pennies and bought that cheap flight. Now you’ve got to get to planning the rest. The accommodations, transportation, food, tours etc etc. Maybe you aren’t a mega planner, but when you begin your trip, the costs start adding up and suddenly the only cheap part of your trip is that ticket. It seemed prudent to […]

While my job focuses primarily on making sure the bride and groom are taken care of, let’s chat bridesmaids. I have done many posts on bridal tips, and it’s come to my realization that I haven’t given tips for being a bridesmaid. Bring an emergency kit. Inevitably things happen on a wedding day. You need […]

It’s been a big month. I turned 30 in December, and we entered a new decade! Being completely transparent, I felt a little unsettled about turning 30. There’s not a legitimate reason for that feeling other than I think I had hoped to accomplish “more” professionally by the time I was 30. I am realizing […]

The last Michigan wedding of 2019 is up today! I cannot wait for you all to see some of my most favorite photos from Angelo and Laurel’s wedding.  I’ve mentioned it before, it is such an honor when family or friends ask you to capture a stage in their lives. I’ve known the Toppi family […]