For this post, I’m changing it up a bit. I tend to write about all my favorite things to pack when traveling with little ones. This time, I’m going to give you a few things you DO NOT need when traveling with children: Pack ’n Play- -When you have babies or toddlers, a concern can […]

As a wedding photographer, I’m constantly looking for ways to help out brides-to-be. Wedding planning has its moments of tension, so if I’m able to help alleviate some stress ever so slightly, I will try. *The following is a sponsored post by Basic Invite. I ordered my own products so I could test out the […]

Does anyone remember that meme that went around making fun of bloggers that give their skin care routine? Definitely got a chuckle out of me! Here’s the deal, I’m doing a post on some of my current favorite natural products, not because “I’ve gotten so many questions about my routine,” but because I always love […]

I’ve said it before, but there is something so special about photographing those whom you’ve  known for ages. Angelo is a part of my pseudo Italian family, meaning I’ve known him since he was young.  The short story of Laurel and Angelo is as follows: They met in high school and did the long distance […]

We celebrated Leighton a few weeks ago with a small party. It was a lovely day filled with family, friends and cake, sprinkled with some rain and chilly weather. I had all kinds of cute decor for the celebration as I envisioned the party taking place outside. Mother Nature had other plans, and we had […]