We celebrated Leighton a few weeks ago with a small party. It was a lovely day filled with family, friends and cake, sprinkled with some rain and chilly weather. I had all kinds of cute decor for the celebration as I envisioned the party taking place outside. Mother Nature had other plans, and we had […]

Our darling Leighton Penelope is ONE! Holy moly where in the world did this last year go?! It’s been a beautiful and challenging year that I wouldn’t change for anything. Here’s just a bit of a letter I wrote to our littlest one <3   Leighton-You have brought so much joy to our family. You […]

Since Leighton is 6 months old in a few days [yeah, um WHAT!], I thought I would let you in on how things are going, specifically on how the girls are getting along. I won’t lie, two kids is HARD. Especially when they are 23 months apart. That means I’m dealing with potty training, the […]

Now that I’m a mum to 2 little ones [wow that is still weird to say], I wanted to update some of my baby must-haves. I’m telling you, if you’re a mama or a mama to be, put these things on your list! You won’t be sorry! A lot of what I’m recommending can be […]

Our darling Ainsley turned 2 this month. It’s really hard to believe 2 years can go by that quickly. She is truly such a joy to be around. She is sweet as pie with a touch of sass, which I quite like. She loves to sing and dance and literally run everywhere she goes. She’s […]