Investment Baby Must-Haves

March 23, 2022

While I love a good “must have” list, this one is a little different. I’m rounding up my favorite things for babies that are a little more of an investment. You always see the big-ticket items and wonder which ones are worth it. I thought I’d share the ones we feel are worth every penny.

DOONA–My number one must have is the Doona carseat/stroller. The fact that this carseat turns into a stroller with the pull of one button is a lifesaver, especially since I have 2 other kids I need to keep up with. Quick note: It’s really heavy! Totally worth it, but very very heavy when carrying it just as a carseat.

NEWTON MATTRESS–I do struggle with a little anxiety, especially when I have a newborn and then again when I need to transfer the little one to a crib. The Newton mattress is totally breathable and really gives me peace of mind. Quick note: not all crib sheets fit this mattress. It fits a standard crib, but for some reason, crib sheets are tricky.

ELVIE PUMP— Between school pick up and drop offs, cooking meals + snacks many times a day and trying to get at least a little house work done, I don’t have a ton of time to sit with a plug in pump. Enter the Elvie Stride. It’s a hands-free pump that fits right in your bra. It does have a remote, but it fits nicely in your pocket. I was able to get it through my insurance for $45! Here’s the LINK I used [this isn’t sponsored, just trying to help a fellow mama out!].

DOCK A TOT–My tried and true lifesaver. I’ve had the Dock A Tot since Ainsley was born almost 6 years ago. All my kids have slept in and loved it. It fits nicely into the bassinet we have, is a great co-sleeper, and the best way we have had our little ones sleep when we travel. It packs in a suitcase so we’ve taken it all over.

OLLIE SWADDLE–I’ve had a love/hate relationship with swaddles. Each child of mine was different. Baby number 3 hated everything I had, so I was on the hunt for something else. I had read good reviews on the Ollie, but it was backordered for weeks, and I was desperate! Thankfully, a friend let me borrow hers, and let me tell you…it’s the only one Iz will really sleep in!

All right, that’s my list. What are some things we should add to help out other moms?

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