Hospital Bag Must-Haves

January 19, 2022

Let’s chat hospital bags. It is definitely not my first rodeo, packing for labor and delivery at the hospital, so I’d thought I’d let you in on a few of my essentials you might find helpful.

I take a minimalist approach when it comes to packing for labor and delivery. Having done this two other times, I am now aware of all the things I previously packed that I DIDN’T need. So what are a few necessities —let’s see below!

Cheap, slip-on slippers– I bought a pair on Amazon that I won’t care to toss once I get home. Make sure they are indeed slip-on; you definitely want things to be as easy as possible when getting out of the hospital bed to walk around.

Flip flops– I’m a germaphobe, so it’s a MUST to have a pair of flip-flops for the shower.

Cozy take-home outfit-whether it’s for photos, or a practical outfit, it’s fun to pick out something cute you can bring baby home in.

New loose pajamas –You can absolutely use a pair you already have in your wardrobe, but this was something small that felt like a treat. I wanted to buy myself a little something that I could look forward to cozying up in while at the hospital. I don’t think you need to have buttons, because honestly, I’ve always found you can lift up your shirt to nurse. Plus, they can just slow you down haha.

Skincare– Make sure to get travel sizes of your favorite personal care products. I want to have things ready ahead of time, so I have the starter set of Tula products in my toiletries bag.

A robe/cardigan– this time around I gave birth during the winter! I’ve always packed a robe to help stay warm, but with it being the coldest season, I went with a very cozy cardigan.

La Vie lactation massager– I threw this in my bag as a new item. I didn’t have this with the previous two babies, but I had heard great things about it and definitely wanted to have it in my arsenal. For instance,  my second child cluster fed the whole time in the hospital which…ouch. I found this helped my milk flow this time and eased the pain a bit.

Baby oil– With a winter baby, I figured her skin would be dry. This is an organic oil with very few ingredients. Be sure to ask the Dr what is okay to use on your new little one.

Extra-long phone charger– the plugs can be all over the place at the hospital, so making sure you have an extra-long cord is helpful.

Honorable mention– My labor this time was extremely short, so I wasn’t able to use this, but the item below would be useful to pack.

Wireless speaker– I didn’t take this in the past, but this time around, I wanted to be able to play music if possible, so having a portable wireless speaker seems like the best way to be able to move around with pleasant music playing.

Don’t forget to pack a few things for your partner [socks, slippers, comfy clothes and snacks!] and you should be good to go!

What are some essentials you found helpful?

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