We celebrated Leighton a few weeks ago with a small party. It was a lovely day filled with family, friends and cake, sprinkled with some rain and chilly weather. I had all kinds of cute decor for the celebration as I envisioned the party taking place outside. Mother Nature had other plans, and we had […]

Let’s talk about our pits. I’ve been on a serious hunt for a natural deodorant for what seems like forever! Not only do I want the products to be clean, but obviously I want it to actually work. When I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, I started to be more conscious of […]

It seems like the holidays come and go so quickly. I’ve always felt this way, but now that I have little ones, I’m looking for fun things we can do all month long. Here are a few things we did in our household 🙂  – Make cookies & deliver them to neighbors. I wanted to […]

I’ve been thinking about this post for a little while now. Probably because some of my friends are about to have babies any day now. Do you want to help new moms out, but feel stuck on how to do it? Then you just end up saying, “let me know if I can do anything?” […]

  It’s been a few months now of being a mother of 2. There are so many emotions I have, and a lot of them on a daily basis 😉 I’m sure you’ve heard most of these before, but my thought was when you read them from another mom, it might give you a sense […]