Must have Winter layers

March 3, 2021

Let’s talk layers for the winter. We live in Michigan so the winter can be really cold. In the last few years, I’ve not gotten outside as much as I would have liked, and that’s mostly because I wasn’t dressing appropriately. The girls are ready to get some fresh air at any time, so this year it was a goal of mine to be prepared to be outside more. Besides the obvious coats, snow pants and gloves, I have listed a few extra items to layer for you and your littles. I realize that it is now March and [hopefully] there are not too many more freezing days ahead, but I figure it would be a good time to stock up on some items for next winter during an end-of-season sale!


Leggings/wool long johns–As a base layer, a good cotton legging or long johns are the way to go. THESE are a great option.

Fleece-lined pants— For extra warmth, I’ve been adding a layer of fleece-lined sweats for the girls, or thick joggers will work in a pinch. We have a few pair from H&M that I really like. Bonus, they have a line of sustainable clothing now!!

Itch free hat— I’ve had my fair share of hats that the girls immediately take off because they’re too itchy. You need a nice warm hat that you won’t have to bribe your kids to keep on. We have THIS brand and L wears it without complaining.

Balaclava— I had no idea what THIS type of hat was until A’s school mentioned purchasing one since they basically go outside no matter the weather. I have to say, it’s wonderful in the sub-zero temps!

Camp socks— A good, warm pair of well knit socks are a must for both you and the kiddos. A few of our faves you can pick up HERE and HERE.


Tighter shirt–A long john or soft cotton shirt is what I typically go for as a base layer under the necessary sweatshirt layer. 

Sweatshirt or zip up–I have a LuLu zip-up that I put on top, but any sweatshirt of fleece works too depending on how cold it is where you live. The zip-up is easier to maneuver than a pullover sweatshirt should you need to shed a layer after playing hard.

Athleta pants–I will start off by saying THESE are an investment but worth it in my opinion. They are fleece-lined with a wind resistant outside layer. Oh and they have pockets. I’ve done park dates in these pants and my legs were extremely warm!

Long down-filled coat-I have a couple warm winter coats, but if I’m going to be outside playing with the girls, I make sure to don my down coat that is long [aka make sure it covers your behind].

I hope this was helpful because I know for me, once I had the proper attire, we can spend longer outside, which makes everyone happy!

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