Buckle up, because it’s been a long time coming! My Dublin city guide is finally here! I’ve been working my behind off these last few months to make sure I’m providing information that is helpful and practical. I thought I would write down my thoughts so you can get a better idea of why they’re […]

Happy Wednesday! Are you ready for another fabulous senior?! A few weeks back, I met Samantha in Birmingham, and we had a ball walking downtown on an abnormally warm evening in April. Samantha is a soft spoken, sweet senior preparing for college this fall. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time chatting about her […]

Our darling Leighton Penelope is ONE! Holy moly where in the world did this last year go?! It’s been a beautiful and challenging year that I wouldn’t change for anything. Here’s just a bit of a letter I wrote to our littlest one <3   Leighton-You have brought so much joy to our family. You […]

Spring is here, which means it’s photography season! I began last week with an awesome senior session. Maddie met me downtown with her family, and we explored the city we all love. April is always a tough month in Michigan because it could be snowing, [yes we often get snow in April, ick] or it […]

Let’s talk about our pits. I’ve been on a serious hunt for a natural deodorant for what seems like forever! Not only do I want the products to be clean, but obviously I want it to actually work. When I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, I started to be more conscious of […]