I cannot wait to feel the sand in my toes, and more importantly, not to have to put on five layers when I walk outside. We are headed to the beach soon, and I thought I’d write down a few essentials that we take with us when we head for the sunshine. -Sunscreen. Matt and […]

Every time we travel there are new things I learn. Tips, tricks and products that helped [or didn’t help]. Even though we travel a decent amount, I’m always looking for advice from others more seasoned than myself. I’m hoping it’s helpful to read a few of our favorite items we take with us on our […]

As the doors opened to a beautifully decorated lobby, I swear I heard the Hallelujah Chorus. We had been traveling for 12 hours, and all of us were tired. Conrad Dublin welcomed us with warm smiles and helpful hands unloading all of our gear [we come with quite a bit of luggage nowadays]. As we […]

Traveling abroad with babies. Does that sentence scare you? It used to give me a little anxiety too. Once we did it, we realized that while it comes with some challenges, it is absolutely not as difficult as we thought. I used to spend hours scouring blogs on any travel tips I could get my […]

I took a few weeks off for the holidays, and it was very relaxing to spend some quality family time. It’s time to get back to it, and there’s a lot of great things coming your way!  Let’s start with Erin and Nick. Excited doesn’t describe how I’m feeling about these two. It’s always an […]