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How are you holding up? These are crazy, unique times, and it can be overwhelming. Personally, I have been finding it helpful to see what others are doing to keep busy and/or sane during this quarantine. I am by no means telling you to mimic what I’m doing, but since it’s now been MONTHS [how […]

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post with tips to be the best bridesmaid ever. Today I figured I’d elaborate on what’s been in my bridesmaid survival kit.  To clarify, I think this kit could be used by anyone who will be in the bride’s inner circle on the wedding day: Mother of the […]

You saved your pennies and bought that cheap flight. Now you’ve got to get to planning the rest. The accommodations, transportation, food, tours etc etc. Maybe you aren’t a mega planner, but when you begin your trip, the costs start adding up and suddenly the only cheap part of your trip is that ticket. It seemed prudent to […]

While my job focuses primarily on making sure the bride and groom are taken care of, let’s chat bridesmaids. I have done many posts on bridal tips, and it’s come to my realization that I haven’t given tips for being a bridesmaid. Bring an emergency kit. Inevitably things happen on a wedding day. You need […]

It’s been a big month. I turned 30 in December, and we entered a new decade! Being completely transparent, I felt a little unsettled about turning 30. There’s not a legitimate reason for that feeling other than I think I had hoped to accomplish “more” professionally by the time I was 30. I am realizing […]


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