On a very sunny July day, Erin & Nick prepared for their Detroit wedding. Their chosen venue was the historic Colony Club. Erin’s classic style, full of grace and elegance, matched the vintage atmosphere. And Nick in his dress blues added to the whole ambiance.  They have known each other since high-school, but didn’t begin […]

For this post, I’m changing it up a bit. I tend to write about all my favorite things to pack when traveling with little ones. This time, I’m going to give you a few things you DO NOT need when traveling with children: Pack ’n Play- -When you have babies or toddlers, a concern can […]

As a wedding photographer, I’m constantly looking for ways to help out brides-to-be. Wedding planning has its moments of tension, so if I’m able to help alleviate some stress ever so slightly, I will try. *The following is a sponsored post by Basic Invite. I ordered my own products so I could test out the […]

Does anyone remember that meme that went around making fun of bloggers that give their skin care routine? Definitely got a chuckle out of me! Here’s the deal, I’m doing a post on some of my current favorite natural products, not because “I’ve gotten so many questions about my routine,” but because I always love […]

I’ve said it before, but there is something so special about photographing those whom you’ve  known for ages. Angelo is a part of my pseudo Italian family, meaning I’ve known him since he was young.  The short story of Laurel and Angelo is as follows: They met in high school and did the long distance […]