His & Hers Gift Guide 2020

November 24, 2020

Ahhh, gift guides. First of all, I can’t even wrap my brain around the fact that it’s Christmas. Second, who’s ready for some fun ideas?!

Full transparency, I’ve included a few affiliate links in these gift guide blogs, but here’s the deal—I’m only an affiliate for products and companies that I love. I’m sharing them because I use them and truly think they’ll be a great gift. It’s simply a bonus that you’re supporting a small business if you order from the links 🙂

I’m starting with a His and Hers guide today with a few more to follow in the next couple days [hopefully haha]. Let’s jump right in! Ladies first 🙂


-Following the theme of supporting small businesses, I’m going to start with a favorite of mine! The Tartan Blanket Co. is a company based in Edinburgh and they make the best blankets, scarves and even baby blankets! As some of you may know, my MIL is full blooded Scottish, so I want to make sure our home has a few pieces representing her heritage. We have a large tartan blanket in her clan pattern, and last year we got the girls a baby blanket in a different clan print with their names on it. I have other blankets and scarves on my list this year 😉 You can shop their beautiful products HERE and they really do make beautiful cozy gifts!

-Hats are all the rage right now, and while I normally don’t love all the new trends, I am drinking this kool-aid! I didn’t think I could pull off a hat, but you know what, anyone can if it’s a good hat! Gigi Pip hats are such great quality, and as long as you take care of them, they stay in great shape! Hats are here to stay I believe. I have 2 currently, with more on my Christmas list this year. You can shop for yourself HERE

-I’ve chatted before about my switch over to clean beauty products. I have definitely tried my fair share of products over the last few years and some I like, but the one company with products I can’t live without is Primally Pure. I have reordered multiple products, multiple times now, and for me, clean beauty products are something very important and I will continue to share about them. PP is offering limited edition holiday pieces right now as well 🙂 You can use THIS LINK to order, and if it’s your first order, use code KKP for a little extra off! And word on the street is free shipping on Black Friday all weekend.

-I thought I’d share an item of clothing that I wear often and have gotten loads of compliments. The Relaxed Cozy Sherpa Half-Zip Sweatshirt for Women is perfect for the winter! Right now, Old Navy is having 50% off EVERYTHING!  

-I can’t forget the travel lovers out there. Even though things are at a stand still at the moment, Christmas is a great time to ask for some new travel gear for when we get the all clear! Away suitcases are by far my favorite. I have tried a lot, A LOT of different brands and Away is the only one that has kept up with our jet setting ways. Away is also starting their sales now with huge discounts on their travel sets! Check them out HERE


-If the man in your life enjoys comfy clothes, THESE polo joggers from Nordstrom are going to be a favorite gift. I got these for Matt a couple years ago and he loves them. They’re not too tight and not too thick.

-One of our favorite brands is Barbour. The UK based company has been around since 1894. Besides the fact that their patterns are adorable and the quality is next level, there are many practical pieces if you need coats, scarves, gloves etc. Nordstrom carries a good haul of their products since their stores in the US are few and far between. You can shop HERE

-Who doesn’t like a good pair of slippers? When you live in a cold climate, they are a must and with all this working from home, why not be cozy and comfy?! One of Matt’s favorite is from HERE.

-I wanted to be sure to include a small business here as well, so take a look at THESE unique whiskey glasses from Etsy.

-As I’ve been doing a little shopping, I came across the website Uncommon Goods. The site has pages upon pages of really great and unique gifts, such as a nitro cold brew coffee maker or a gourmet oil dipping spice kit. They have gifts to fit any price point and even great stocking stuffers, like scotch infused toothpicks.

Whew, I know that was a doozy, but I wanted to include multiple options 🙂 Let me know what ends up in your cart! Happy shopping!

**All photos taken from the companies websites so you can see a close up of the products

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