Kids & Friends Gift Guide 2020

November 25, 2020

Who’s pumped for day 2 of gift guides?! Today I have ideas for children and for a friend.


-2020 has proved to be quite different than we imagined it to be, aka lots of time at home and therefore needing some fun things to keep the children busy. For Christmas this year, I am purchasing items that are going to engage and entertain them, and even better if the toy is educational. I’ve heard raving reviews about THESE FAO Schwartz blocks. Now before your stomach drops at the amount of blocks, I did find a smaller set at Macy’s, which you can snag HERE

-Puzzles. Need I say more? My kiddos love doing puzzles, and I try to have a variety in the house. Check out THIS ONE from Maisoneete. Bonus, it’s educational 😉

-No mess markers are a must in the Coco house. And whoever created them, THANK YOU! Tip-these are great to travel with because there’s no worries of the kids drawing in places they shouldn’t! THESE are 50% off at Walmart right now for a whole kit!

-Christmas is a great time to stock up on clothes for littles because of all the great Black Friday sales. I want to support smaller businesses this year, so some of the brands I shopped were Oat Co, Jamie Kay and Ezra Zayn [all of which are currently having Black Friday sales]!

-If you haven’t heard of magna-tiles you should definitely check them out. It’s a great toy that combines science, math and creativity. We have the smaller set, and I know the girls would love the bigger one as well. You can pretty much purchase them at any big box store, but in the spirit of helping smaller companies, HERE is somewhere else you can order them. 

Alright, switching gears to that friend of yours


-I received a diptyque candle as a gift a little while back and I have to share. Diptyque candles are made in France with a range of smells from vanilla, berries, roses, woodfire to fir tree for the holidays. They come in 2 sizes and you can order one HERE

-I’m going to mention the Tartan Blanket Co again because of the extensive scarf collection. You can choose from the many tartan patterns, but they have plain [and might I mention BEAUTIFULLY] colored solid scarves as well. You can also decide between recycled wool and cashmere if you’re real fancy 😉

-If you are local to the Metro Detroit area, you need to start following Maison Farola Detroit. Any time I go look at their profile, I find a different flower arrangement that I want. Check them out HERE

 -As an avid reader, I’ve been looking for classics lately, and if they’ve got more of a vintage look, well all the better! During my research for the guide, I found that Etsy is a great place to shop. If your friend is a book lover, look at THIS gorgeous Jane Austen book.

-If your friend is a coffee lover, purchasing coffee from local shops is a wonderful way to support small this season. You can search local stores around you, but as a shameless plug, how about supporting 2 for 1 😉  How about THIS ONE?

 Thanks for coming back for day 2 of my gift guides. I hope you found a few goodies to help with your shopping this year 🙂


****All photos were taken from the company’s websites so you can see the full product**

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