Must-Have Items when Traveling with Kids

February 6, 2024

Travel has always been something I’ve loved. Having kids hasn’t changed that, it just poses a little extra challenge or organizing and planning. 

I’ve heard from some of you that you want to travel, but it’s too overwhelming with kids. 

My heart has always been helping people, so if I’m going to be on social media, why not share the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way?!

We took a pretty epic trip last March to the UK. We flew in and out of London, rented a car and drove through the English countryside, up to Scotland and flew back to London from Edinburgh. We were gone for 13 days. 

Of course it wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows, but for the most part, it was so fun and a trip I won’t soon forget. 

This wasn’t our first overseas trip, not even our first overseas trip with kiddos. Since we’ve done this a few times now, I thought I’d share some things we take with us. 

PORTABLE CHARGER: I don’t know about you, but when we’re traveling, my phone dies pretty quickly between the picture taking and using my maps to get around. It was such a lifesaver to have a portable charger with us. 

SILICON PACIFIER CLIP: I’m a bit of a germaphobe-and when we travel with babies, it grosses me out when the pacifiers fall on the floor of the airports/planes you name it. Clipping the pacifier is a great idea, and having a clip that is easily washable is even better. 

DOODLE BOARD: We limit screen time in our home, and while airplanes mean a little extra screen time, I don’t want them starting at the screen for a 7+ hour flight. We used these doodle boards a ton both on plane rides and on our big car rides through the UK. 

SLUMBERPOD: If you are traveling with a baby or toddler this is huge help! The Slumberpod goes over a pack’n play or even a toddler air mattress and is completely black out. Here’s the kicker-it’s breathable and has pockets for a little fan and camera if you choose to pack those. It allowed us to stay all in the same hotel rooms if we didn’t get multiple rooms and our little one would sleep all night no problems. 

WATER BOTTLE ADAPTOR: I try to pack as light as I can, especially with there being 6 of us now. Packing 6 water bottles is a lot, so having these adaptors saves so much space yet allows them to still drink water easily while we’re on the move. 

VACUUM STORAGE BAGS: I mentioned we were in Europe for 2 weeks with all 5 of us (that included a baby in diapers too). We went to the UK in March, which if you don’t know—it’s chilly. I managed to pack 1 big suitcase and 3 carry ons. I used these storage bags which saved so much space! I could pack sweaters and coats, scarves, hats and wellies; and we made it all in just those few suitcases. It does come with a mini hand pump, but you don’t need it because you can roll the bags for the air will come out and compress. 

DOONA STROLLER/CARSEAT: I will forever be grateful for the Doona. It’s a stroller and carseat which saved us from having to pack extra of those. You can gate check it as a stroller so we could wheel our toddler around all the airports, and then just leave it at the gate. We were doing a road trip, so it was essential we had a carseat for our toddler. Having one item that did both was such a helpful packing tip. 

Traveling in general has its trials and errors, when you’re traveling with kids that is the case even more. I’m not an expert, but having done several overseas trips with kids at this point, I’ve got a few things I have found helpful. 

Let me know any questions you have on traveling and/or traveling with kids! 

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