You saved your pennies and bought that cheap flight. Now you’ve got to get to planning the rest. The accommodations, transportation, food, tours etc etc. Maybe you aren’t a mega planner, but when you begin your trip, the costs start adding up and suddenly the only cheap part of your trip is that ticket. It seemed prudent to […]

We ventured to Dublin last January. While it was cold, we did not find it unbearable. I prepared by keeping a close eye on the weather, plus doing a little research on the precarious Irish winters. I thought I’d share my findings in case you’re looking for a European city to explore this winter.  Coat–A […]

If you’re anything like me, lists lay all over the home. My every day life consists of to-do lists so that I can be sure I don’t forget anything. When it comes to traveling, I have one for that too. You have likely read my posts about my favorite travel items or must-haves when traveling […]

Have you ever breathed a sigh of relief when you reached a hotel? Not simply “Yay we’re not on the plane anymore,” but a true sense of excitement for the hotel. That’s a rare occurrence for me. When we reached the Hilton West Palm Beach, and the automatic doors opened, *sigh* I knew it was […]

I cannot wait to feel the sand in my toes, and more importantly, not to have to put on five layers when I walk outside. We are headed to the beach soon, and I thought I’d write down a few essentials that we take with us when we head for the sunshine. -Sunscreen. Matt and […]