Packing list: Dublin

November 20, 2019

We ventured to Dublin last January. While it was cold, we did not find it unbearable. I prepared by keeping a close eye on the weather, plus doing a little research on the precarious Irish winters. I thought I’d share my findings in case you’re looking for a European city to explore this winter. 

Coat–A coat is an obvious choice in winter, but I can say I didn’t need my down winter coat. I was perfectly comfortable in my long pea coat since I had layers underneath. 

Waterproof shoes–While I don’t believe you need snow boots, it is wise to pack a pair of waterproof shoes. I went with THIS BRAND and was very pleased with my choice. I constantly make the wrong shoe choice when I travel, and I FINALLY got it right with these. Not only were they water proof, they went with all my outfits so I didn’t need to pack multiple pair of shoes. 

-For my 2.5 year old, I packed more substantial boots, along with rain  boots+fleece inserts.

-For Matt, we went with THESE

Layers–I mentioned above that we didn’t find Dublin to be freezing in January. There was a definite chill about, but when the sun was out, we did have moments of being quite warm in our coats. I would suggest layers. A shirt with a sweater you’re able to shed if you need to were our go to outfits. 

Don’t forget the hats and gloves! 

Dublin was still very green despite the chilly air and 40 degree weather. Don’t let winter stop you from traveling there. If you’re curious about what to do, I wrote a city guide HERE and bonus…there’s a free, printable map as well 🙂 

Has anyone else been to Dublin? What were some of your must-haves?

PS. I made a printable packing list for your travels that you can find HERE

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