Gift guide for kids

I’m still trying to figure out how exactly I want to give our kids gifts for Christmas. I’ve heard of the 4 gifts[ need, want, wear, and read], but since they are so little right now, it’s just become a few little things I think are cute haha. I thought I would share some of our favorite things for the girls right now.


Modo simply good dough. We were gifted this set for Ainsley’s birthday and we LOVE it. It’s non toxic, BPA, phthalate and fragrance free. The dough are in very durable containers and have cute elastic bands on them as stencils to use.

B bristle blocks. These were also a gift for Ainsley and I can’t rave about these enough. I really feel that these are so great for the imagination. There are so many ways to build things with all the different shapes and gadgets. We play with these daily.

Sweets & treats sticker pad from Melissa & Doug. If your child likes stickers, this sticker pad is amazing. It has sheets upon sheets of stickers. You can decorate cakes, ice cream cones, cookies etc.

Minnow Swim suit. I just fell in love with the swim suits from this company. They have both girl and boy suits and the patterns are seriously the cutest! You can shop their suits HERE.


Reading is a favorite pastime in our home. I’m always searching for a good book. I always try to gift a book to the girls, so here are a couple we love!


This is the World book. When I find a book that is all about travel, you better believe it’s coming home with me! The book talks about so many different countries in a way that is not too long winded. It’s not a new book, so the graphics are, shall we say a little”vintage,” and I kind of love that.

Hooray heroes books. These are personalized books for your little ones. You can also make the character look like your kid/s. The stories seem like they may be for kids a little older, but super cute graphics. HERE is the website.


A few extra things I thought you might love are the Burts Bees Pajamas. They are super cozy and the patterns are adorable. I am a sucker for all things Christmas. When I saw the Christmas print diapers at the Honest Co. I had to get a box. You can click the link below to shop.


The Honest Company


I hope you were able to find some cute things on the guide. I’ve linked a lot of our picks below for easy shopping 🙂 Let me know in the comments what your favorite thing is! Happy shopping!



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