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As a wedding photographer, I’m constantly looking for ways to help out brides-to-be. Wedding planning has its moments of tension, so if I’m able to help alleviate some stress ever so slightly, I will try.

*The following is a sponsored post by Basic Invite. I ordered my own products so I could test out the ease of creating, editing and ordering products before endorsing this company. I also took all the photos in this post of the invites and coasters I ordered.

I’m all for a lovely custom invitation suite, but I know that’s not always a viable option. Basic Invite is a great choice for invitations and save-the-dates that offer many choices and customization. They have almost unlimited color options as well as giving you the ability to change fonts, colors and styles down to the smallest detail. Because you’re able to change so many aspects of the product, Basic Invite offers an instant preview as well as custom samples. Few online invitation websites offer custom samples.

Creating & Ordering

The process was simple and stress-free to complete. Everything shipped in a timely manner, and I was very impressed with the quality of the paper. While I was reading up on the company, I noticed that they have over 900 wedding invitation sets as well as 40 different colors of envelopes. It was actually hard to choose which sets I wanted to photograph. A lot of the invitations and save-the-dates have a foil option too, which turned out really beautiful on the one I ordered.

Basic Invite includes an efficient process to collect addresses as a free bonus. You share a link, collect the addresses and are able to have free envelope printing.


I was pleased to see so many selections for invitations, but specifically the many options for save-the-dates. With save-the-dates being a large part of the planning process in recent years, it’s refreshing to see on online site with plenty of preferences. You can choose between modern, classic, trendy, destination etc. When I’ve looked at other websites that allow you to design online, I am often left frustrated. While using Basic Invite to design save the dates online , my experience was the opposite. I pleasantly scrolled through and found the customization process to be easy to use.

While continuing to perused the site, I saw the newest seal and send invites and had to add one to my cart. It’s an all-in-one wedding invitation that comes with a detachable response card and custom sticker seal. PS. How cute is that save- the-date to match 🙂


I wanted to mention an extra product Basic Invite has. These coasters work for any event really. I love these cute wedding coasters custom to your event. You can use them as a save-the-date option, or for your cocktail hour. They have over 90 designs that you can customize with colors, fonts and even add a photo. They use the latest printing technology meaning the coasters print on premium matte cardstock.

Overall, Basic Invite provides an efficient way to provide beautiful products for your wedding or event, and I’m happy to have another recommendation for my brides 🙂 I linked some of their details below in case you want to check out their stuff!

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