Review of Natural Beauty Products

Does anyone remember that meme that went around making fun of bloggers that give their skin care routine? Definitely got a chuckle out of me!

Here’s the deal, I’m doing a post on some of my current favorite natural products, not because “I’ve gotten so many questions about my routine,” but because I always love reading about products that I might want to use, so maybe you will enjoy reading this too.

After I found out I have PCOS, I thought I should start paying better attention to the products I’m using. It’s a slow process, but I’m trying to switch out my beauty essentials for more natural ones. I’ve always enjoyed trying out new products, so I try to stay up to date on what’s out there.

Last piece of business before we get to the fun stuff. In full transparency, I am an affiliate for Primally Pure. I mentioned in a previous post that before I became an affiliate, I tried out a few of their products and found that I really loved them! All opinions are my own; they aren’t paying me to say nice things. If you choose to purchase products using my link, just think of it as sending a tiny bit of support my way. It’s no extra cost to you 🙂


-I purchased the starter package that included the cleanser, resurfacing gel, hydrating cream and eye cream. I don’t have a bad thing to say about any of the products. My skin felt very clean, and the face lotion did its job without leaving my skin feeling heavy with cream. Bonus, they all smell amazing!


-Eye Cream: I still love the counter match eye cream. I’ve been using it for a year+ and have no complaints.

-Body lotion: Pro–it feels light on my skin and has a lovely citrus scent. Con–it doesn’t seem quite as moisturizing as I’d like.


-Deodorant: I wrote a whole post on this HERE so I won’t say much other than this is the best natural deodorant I’ve tried. And I’ve tried a lot! If you want to order your own, you can use THIS LINK.

-Complexion Mist: This is a fun product used as a pick-me-up for your face. You can use it whenever you want during the day. I spritz it on before I put my make up on.


-Tarte concealer: I heard a lot about this brand, and specifically this product, so I finally bought it to try myself. I wasn’t disappointed. I like the coverage it yields without feeling like I’m caking on liquid makeup.

-Thrive Mascara: At first, I wasn’t sure I liked the mascara, but it grew on me. It boasts that it gives you super long lashes, which it delivers. The issue I had was the removal of it at night. It sort of flakes off when you use remover, and I can’t seem to get it all off, leaving flakes behind. It’s not that big of a deal in the long run, just thought I’d give that disclaimer.


I seem to have quite a few products that I think are winners, but I’m still on the hunt for good, clean makeup. What are some of your favorite brands or products I should try next?

  1. Carolyn

    June 19th, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    I just bought the Tula eye balm and am obsessed!

  2. KKP

    June 19th, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    Yes! That is the good stuff!!!!


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