Our Stay at Conrad Dublin

January 23, 2019

As the doors opened to a beautifully decorated lobby, I swear I heard the Hallelujah Chorus. We had been traveling for 12 hours, and all of us were tired. Conrad Dublin welcomed us with warm smiles and helpful hands unloading all of our gear [we come with quite a bit of luggage nowadays]. As we waited for our room, the staff kindly insisted we sit comfortably in one of their onsite restaurants, The Coburg, for some coffee, tea and pastries. I can still taste those pastries–beautifully flaky and some filled with tart berries! Matt ended up with a nasty cold that came on the day we left, so one of the hosts prepared him some lemongrass and ginger tea. 

As we entered our suite, it was evident the preparation that went into our room. Two teddy bears sat waiting on the bed for the girls along with little wooden puzzles, a welcome note on the table and a bathtub filled with baby supplies. They even put safety stops on the plugs! After we returned from dinner, a dessert plate was ready for us. Ainsley made sure to take a bite out of each selection, just to make sure they were all tasty πŸ˜‰

The room was plenty spacious for our family of four including a comfortable bed and a great sitting area. Hospitality had two cribs waiting for the girls, including sheets and towels just their size. As a side note, I’m obsessed with the floors πŸ™‚ It felt very luxurious to have hard wood, herringbone floors in my hotel room. The bathroom was huge with a bathtub [big bonus when you have kids] and a separate shower.

We had lovely breakfasts. When I think hotel buffet breakfast, a very short list comes to mind, mostly made up of cereal and dry muffins. Not here! The tables were filled with delicious savory options, like steamed eggs, sausage and stir fried veggies paired with sweet pastries, bread, fruit and cheese platters. An assortment of muffins, scones and croissants dusted in powered sugar were also ours for the taking. The servers made sure Ainsley had pancakes each morning to which she exclaimed many times, β€œThese are SO yummy.” Oh and their coffee! I tried coffee from different places around the city, and truthfully, the coffee at the Conrad was my favorite–smooth, distinct and not bitter.

If you take the elevator down a level, there is a pub where you can get a delicious plate of fish and chips. The specific kids menu was a plus too. In true pub fashion, they have a very large selection of beers on tap. One of largest selections in the area actually, like Full Sail or Weights + Measures.

I always get a little anxiety when traveling somewhere new since I don’t know where the best places are. This is especially true when I’m traveling with my kids. I could see on a map that the hotel was pretty central. Not until we got there and could actually see the park entrance from the door of the hotel, did I realize what a prime location we were in. Dublin is a small city, but staying at the Conrad was the best decision we made in order to walk to all the great sites we wanted to visit while there.

It’s clear that the hotel is gorgeous. It was renovated from top to bottom a few years ago. What really stood out to us was how kind everyone was. Every staff member we encountered went above and beyond to help us and make sure we were taken care of. They enjoyed having our girls in the hotel instead of just tolerating children like some places do. The staff was more than willing to give suggestions on activities to do in the city. The first day out, they suggested we to go to the park across the way to play and to see the ducks. When we mentioned we would like to take that suggestion, a staff member ran to a back room and brought Ainsley some bread to take with her so that we had something to feed the ducks.

I could continue singing the praises of Conrad Dublin. Our stay was wonderful and we were very sad when we had to leave! I highly recommend you stay at Conrad Dublin if your future travel plans take you to Ireland. Thank you to Conrad Dublin for treating us like celebrities while we explored your spectacular city!

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  1. Craig S McTaggart says:

    I love it! What wonderful pictures and summary of your stay. I have been to Dublin once before and I will definitely stay at the Conrad in Dublin on our next visit. I can’t wait to share this with my neighbor who was born and raised in the Dublin area. You have certainly done Dublin proud especially the Conrad Dublin.

  2. Teri Simonds says:

    What a delightful blog entry on your stay at the Conrad in Dublin! Sounds like a wonderful family trip!! Lucky you πŸ€!! Thx for the recommendation πŸ˜‰!

  3. Anne Ackley says:

    These photos and the descriptions were wonderful. I could feel the warmth of the Irish!

  4. Lynsey says:

    This looks like a beautiful stay. I really love how they do breakfast!! A great memory for you kiddos to have!!

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