Primally Pure Product Review

December 11, 2019

You’ve heard me talk about this brand before. Primally Pure is a natural, clean product company, and it’s wonderful! I’ve slowly been building up my stock of products, and I thought I’d share the winners and runner ups. I have used all of these products for weeks, if not months, so that I can give a real review. As a bonus, the products are sent in glass and recycled cardboard to reduce plastic.


Deodorant: This is my go-to, favorite product of PP. I wrote an entire blog post solely on my extensive search for the best natural deodorant, and you can read more on that HERE

Cleansing oil: I had read about this product a little and will admit to being very skeptical. I wasn’t sure how adding oil to your face would help. I’m a believer now! My face has never felt smoother and feels so much more hydrated, without being oily. 

Baby Bar: This soap bar is very gentle and made with just a few ingredients. It’s safe to use on your face as well, which PP suggests you use before the cleansing oil. The bar is gentle enough to use on your babies as well 🙂 

Complexion mist: I use this spray after I put on my makeup. I don’t get a lot of sleep these days, so this is an added pick me up for my skin. 

Runner ups: 

Body balm: The bottle says this balm can be used all over your body. I use it on my face. It is helping my skin stay moisturized, but be prepared, it is quite thick. That being said, it rubs in nicely, and I don’t feel that it continues to feel thick after a few minutes. 

Dry shampoo powder: If you are steering clear of any aerosol dry shampoo and want to try out a powder, this one gets the job done. I personally am not sold on the powder, but it did work. 

I highly recommend Primally Pure products and will continue to advocate for their cleaner products. If you’d like to try some out, you can use THIS LINK 🙂  And you can use code KKP10 for 10% your first order!

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